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How to buy bengal kittens

Kittens of our cattery are sold not earlier than 3.5 months, fully grafted, with pedigree or metric.

The cost depends on the breeding value:

PET-class-the animal can not take part in breeding and is sold already castrated. The cost of kittens PET class in our cattery from 500 euros.

BREED-class-the animal can take part in breeding. With the cost of kittens of BREED from a class of 1500 euros.

SHOW-class-animal fully complies with the requirements of the standard. These kittens are not born as often as we would like, so usually remain in the nursery. SHOW-class should be confirmed by several different assessments from domestic and foreign experts. The cost of these kittens from 2000 euros. 

First of all, you need to decide for what purpose you plan to buy a Bengal kitten – as an exotic pet, to obtain offspring and participate in exhibitions? We will always help you in choosing and advise.

Sevenheaven Gretta

Gender: Female

Color Black Marble (BEN n 22)

Дата рождения: 17.04.2024


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