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About cattery SevenHeaven

Welcome to the Bengal cattery " Seven Heaven"

"God created a cat in order to make a person feel how nice it is to caress a tiger" V. Hugo These words of the great writer involuntarily come to mind when you see a Bengal cat. After all, in appearance they are so similar to their wild relatives.

Our cattery is located in the ancient Russian city of Yaroslavl, registered in the American system TICA. Price of Bengal cats is determined by the complexity of breeding and characteristics of genes of the breed, with the cost of cats is often quite acceptable. But, if you have long wanted to buy a Bengal cat with a good pedigree, do not give up your dreams!

We carefully select a pair and planned mating. We do not have unplanned kittens or kittens without documents. Each kitten, regardless of class, receives a full set of documents: metric or pedigree, veterinary passport with marks of vaccinations.

Bengal cattery will assist you in choosing a kitten and give useful advice on animal care. On the pages of this site you can get acquainted with our Bengal cats, learn about the exhibition achievements of our Pets, as well as choose a Bengal kitten.

Genetic tests

All bengal cats in our cattery are tested for genetic disease pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKdef) at the University of Davis, California, US

Titled briding cats

The breed class of our Bengal kittens is confirmed by the high titles of their parents received at international cats show

Full set of documents

We do not have unplanned mating, so all our Bengal kittens have documents of origin.

Bengal cat

Bengals are among the most exotic and coolest domesticated cats out there.

The coat of Bengal cats are amazingly beautiful. In the rays of sunlight, it shimmers with a bright Shine, called glitter.

Each Bengal cat carries the genes of wild ancestors - the Asian leopard cat.

Bengal cats are quite intelligent and well trained. They can be taught simple commands.

Bengal cat a great home companion, suitable for families with children and active people.

Bengals love water, water treatments and enjoy swimming and taking a bath.

Bengals Colors and Patterns

brown spotted tabby

Brown Spotted tabby

Eyes: green or Golden eyes.

Background color: from gray-brown to bright orange-gold.

Color markings: plug or marble from the black / light brown to a darker or reddish-brown.


Silver Spotted tabby

Background color: Silver Bengal cats come in different shades with backgrounds ranging from white to very dark, steel color.

Color markings: Rosette of dark grey, black

Eyes: Green or Golden eyes


Snow Lynx

Background color: Very light white cream color

Color markings: dark or light rosettes

The dark tip of the tail

Eyes: Blue eyes. Always.



Background color and spots: charcoal Bengals have a dark gray or charcoal background with a small (not red) and very dark spotted or marble pattern.

Tail dark brown / black or grayish-black with stripes and black-tipped.

Other color of the Bengal cats

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Our cattery located in
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